A look behind the scenes

We would be happy to show you what drives us and how our systems are created

40 years of experience

With more than 40 years of experience in building speakers and in the quest for natural reproduction, we have found the ultimate playback experience with the Soundprism systems.

Open baffle

We mainly use open baffle systems. This open construction gives a more spacious sound image.

Latest technique

In our systems, we use the latest techniques that have proven themselves qualitatively, such as our high-end Class-D amplifiers. With an efficiency of over 90%, you also save on power consumption. 


Design is a personal matter. We have chosen to develop unique products that deviate from the usual, so that personal taste, color and execution are free to choose. This makes us exclusive and groundbreaking.

Team experts

We have our inventions and developments evaluated by a selected group of High-Enders. We call this group our “Experts”. We thank them very much for their efforts in optimizing our products.

Experiencing music intensely
in the real style of my interior

Systems for a realistic sound experience are physically “present”.

It is pleasant if they fit in your interior.

With our systems, you experience the live effect of a concert in person.