Optimal Sound with Active Crossovers

A High-End DSP, Fully Tuned for Our Speakers

Sound Reproduction That Grows with You

No need for new speakers again.

We effortlessly adapt our powerful active crossovers to your preferences using high-end DSP technology. We provide preset filters for a personalized listening experience, ensuring your speakers consistently meet your expectations without the need for frequent upgrades. Enjoy consistently stunning sound with your existing setup.

Real-time Sound Tuning

Hear how we fulfill your sound preferences instantly through live filter adjustments.

Multiple Presets

Enjoy different sound styles to the fullest with our presets.

Elegant Ensemble

Distinguishing Details

With our active system amplifiers, we aim for more than just perfect sound; their design seamlessly complements your interior and Limited Edition speakers.

In this way, we craft a holistic audio experience where form and function converge to tantalize your senses.

The Challenge of Music Reproduction

Every sound recording is unique.

Every sound recording has its unique character and is often not entirely true to life. Mixing sound is an art in itself.

Different audio engineers employ various techniques and styles, emphasizing different frequency ranges. This makes evaluating speakers a challenging task.

Fortunately, our crossover filters offer part of the solution. They enable us to customize your speakers for different recordings using various presets.

At Soundprism, we greatly value personalized sound tuning because everyone's hearing is unique. Since hearing is a highly personal matter, we tailor your speakers to your individual preferences, aiming to optimize your listening experience.