The elegant speaker without an enclosure, delivering realistic sound.

Ultra slim full range sound

A fusion of sound and elegance

Our open-air design brings crisp, natural sounds to life, while the sleek design serves as a masterpiece for any listening space or living room.
Open Air Design

No enclosure for the most realistic tones.

Versatile materials

Almost any workable material.

Plug and Play

Ready to use immediately upon delivery.

Flexible mounting options

Hanging from the ceiling or on a stand.

Material choices

A suitable appearance for every interior

We can use colors, materials, and shapes that match your interior to create a harmonious whole. You can choose almost any hard workable material as the base for our Airlink speakers with us. Furthermore, we can meet specific color requirements to make your setup even more unique.

Unique Finishes

Your own aesthetic frame finish

Do you prefer the softness of round shapes, which give your speakers a friendlier appearance?

Or do you prefer clean lines that emphasize every detail?

You have the freedom to refine your design preferences down to the smallest details with us.

Your choice for stylish speaker placement.

Ceiling mounting or an elegantly finished stand

We design a custom stand that not only perfectly supports your speakers but complements their design, seamlessly integrating them into your space. 

If ceiling suspension is your preference, you'll achieve a sleek, floating look immediately.

The wiring will run parallel to the suspension wires to your ceiling.


The speakers are designed with a centrally placed tweeter.

As the smallest set, we offer the Cumulus F1 with one midrange speaker and a tweeter.

With scalability, the number of midrange speakers is increased to two, four, or eight units, while the tweeter remains centrally located.

The number of midrange speakers is indicated by the number following the letter "F". In the image, you can see our model, the Airlink F2.

Dynamic Sound

Our active speakers are tuned to your environment and sound preferences using a DSP. 

Each environment has unique reflections, and every recording is different. 

That's why we provide 3 presets that allow you to effortlessly switch to your selected preferences via a remote control.

Vibrations Isolated

With our unique suspension system, we decouple the vibrations from the speakers, ensuring that the tones remain crystal clear without being affected by external sources of vibration.

Furthermore, the springs create a stunning floating effect.

Refined Speaker Series

Get Inspired for Your Sound Experience

Create Your Own Limited Edition Airlink?